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Here’s what real people say about Body Groove in reviews posted to Facebook…

"The most innovative workout I have ever seen."

SparkPeople.com, one of the world’s leading fitness web sites

Fitness expert Nicole Nichols gave her unbiased review of Body Groove on SparkPeople.com. Here’s what she had to say:

So you think you CAN’T dance?

Do you feel like most workouts don’t work for your size or physical limitations?

Or maybe you simply don’t like to follow structured workouts like classes or DVDs?

I promise you that this DVD will change that. It’s the most innovative workout I have ever seen. Ever. I don’t use those words lightly, and I’ve never used them before today.

Nicole Nichols

Fitness Expert, SparkPeople.com

Nicole liked Body Groove so much, she shared the DVD with her friends at SparkPeople. Here are their comments:

When I first tried aerobics classes in college, I knew that group fitness classes weren’t for me. Exercising in a group made me feel uncomfortable about my physicality and musicality. I’d focus so much on watching the instructor, trying to perfect the timing and movements, that I’d feel my stressed out. I usually feel the same way about workout DVDs. I usually don’t like following the leader or being told how or when to move.

Knowing how much I dislike group workouts and DVDs, Coach Nicole introduced me to the Body Groove DVD. After watching the demo I was intrigued because the approach seemed more focused on movement and connection with the body and less about doing it perfectly. I LOVE this approach and format! Misty Tripoli encourages you to move in a way that is comfortable, at the intensity level that works for you. She engages all the parts of your body to increase not only range of motion, but body awareness, too. I have done this DVD several times a week since receiving it a few weeks ago, and love pushing myself in new ways each time I try it. There is no right or wrong way to move or follow this DVD, and that’s something that I can appreciate! I already feel more confident!

Tanya Jolliffe

Healthy Eating Expert, SparkPeople.com

I have a background in dance, so I was instantly attracted to this DVD. It is super fun and easy to follow. The format seems really innovative to me—I’m surprised no one has done this before. Misty Tripoli does a great job showing the basic steps and then leading pretty simple choreography. Maybe this sounds boring, but it is not! I felt completely comfortable ‘dancing’ the steps all around my room and working up quite a sweat. The intensity is up to you. I found that my workout time flew by!


VP of Finance, SparkPeople.com

This DVD is very engaging and the variety of movements was great. Most of the movements could be modified to suit one’s needs while standing, or by sitting on a stability ball or in a chair if you have mobility issues. Even though the participants on screen were standing and moving more freely, they provide tons of great ideas for moving your body even if you have limitations or pain during exercise like I do.


Blogger, SparkPeople.com

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